Modular design in a laminate finish with easy-to-assemble interchangeable components.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s evolving office environment, our 2Symple series is scalable for an endless variety of configurations including Panel Systems, Private Office, Benching Systems, and Telemarketing Stations.

Providing design flexibility with many surface, fabric and glass options available to complement any décor.

With aluminum and steel framework and 1 1/8 solid work surfaces, the 2Symple series is built to last.

2Symple Office Edge Detail Options


2Symple Office Available Laminate Colors

Absolute Acajou (LAA)
Black (LBL)
Caramello (LCA)
Cafelle (LCF)
Cognac (LCG)
Concrete (LCC)
Dark Cherry (LDC)
Graphite (LGR)
Hudson (LHU)
Mahogany (LMA)
Magellan (LMG)
Maple (LMP)
Pecan Heights (LPH)
Sandbank (LSB)
Silver (LSV)
Slate Grey (LSL)
Spice Walnut (LSW)
Tenino Grey (LTG)
Walnut (LWA)
White (LWH)
* After Hours (LAH)
* Sunset Cruise (LSC)
* Tea for Two (LTT)

2Symple Office Architectural Resin Panels

Coastal (A11)**
Kauri (A12)
Natural Leaves (A13)
Pixel (A14)

2Symple Office Handle Options

Arch Pull
Bar Pull
Crescent Pull
Metropolitan Pull
Mortise Pull
Retro Pull
Slot Pull
Tab Pull
Wire Pull

Example Configurations